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MAR-MOT: 11 years of successful work and gratitude to partners


Important events deserve special attention and celebration. At the beginning of August 2023, MAR-MOT celebrated its anniversary – 11 years of successful work in the agricultural machinery market in Georgia. This significant moment became the reason for organizing a special event, which was attended by regular customers of the company, experienced farmers from different regions of the country, including Kakheti, Imereti, Kvemo Kartli, Samtskhe-Javakheti and other regions.

The event took place in a cozy restaurant in Ortachala, where guests were able to enjoy delicious dishes and a cozy atmosphere. Particular attention was paid to the guest of honor – the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to Georgia, Anatoly Lis, who accepted the invitation and attended the anniversary event.

For 11 years, MAR-MOT has strengthened its position in the market, providing customers with high-quality agricultural machinery from the best Belarusian and Turkish manufacturers. The anniversary event was an excellent opportunity to express gratitude to regular customers and business partners who have made a significant contribution to the development of the company. We are proud of our achievements and value long-term relationships with each of you.

Every year of work brings us new experience and strengthens our reputation as a reliable supplier of agricultural equipment. Our customers trust us, and we never cease to please them with quality products and a high level of service. We are pleased that important moments in the life of MAR-MOT become significant for our clients.

On this special day, we organized a prize draw among our guests. The main prize was a modern iPhone 14. This moment made our event even more exciting and memorable for everyone present.

We are confident that the coming years will bring us new achievements, partnerships and bright moments in the development of the company.

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