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Set PREMIUM KMZ 245.1000108-С

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piston KMZ 245-1004021 (with insert, without divider, for pin Ø 38, “Molykote” USA coating) (1 pc.)
cylinder KMZ 245-1002021-A1 (flat-top honing) (1 piece)
piston pin KMZ K50-1004042-A2 (Ø 38) (hardened with HDTV) (1 pc.)
piston rings KMZ 245-1004060-A “PREMIUM” (4 pcs. in 1 pcs.) (1 pcs.)
retaining ring 240-1004022 (for finger Ø 38) (2 pcs.)
sealing rings for the MMZ cylinder (50-1002022-2 pcs.) (oil-resistant, black rubber) ARS Group LLC (1 set)

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