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Segment mower with double blade CEB 175 HID

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The ARTUR dual-blade mower is the perfect machine for cutting clover, alfalfa, oats, meadows, and forage plants using the motion of the blade. The mower is set in motion by the tractor’s reverse shaft and is connected using a three-point suspension system. To prevent damage from impact with solid and large objects (trees, stones, etc.), a safety mechanism is provided. When the machine encounters such an object, it moves backward, minimizing potential damage. The mower can be hydraulically lifted for hay cutting. Thus, the machine remains behind the tractor in a road-travel position, and on inclined terrain, a suitable position is created using a hydraulic piston.

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  • Model: СEB 175 HID

    Number of knives
    Working width, mm.
    Weight, kg.
    Required tractor power, hp
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