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Set of gaskets for D-144 engine

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Applicability: VMTZ D-144 and its modifications
Composition of the gasket repair kit D-144:
Pusher rod bushing D30-1007399-A 16 pcs
Flywheel housing gasket D30-1002313 1 piece
Crankcase front sheet gasket D30-1002183 1 pc.
INTAKE MANIFOLD GASKET T-40 D37M-1008070 4 pcs
Distribution gear cover gasket D30-1002226 1 pc.
Reducing valve housing gasket D30-1403394 1 pc.
Exhaust manifold gasket D37M-1008170-B 4 pcs
Gasket for fuel pump housing D30-1111086 1 pc.
Receiver tube flange gasket D37M-1402183-B 1 pc.
Valve cover gasket D37M-1007419-A2 4 pcs
Oil filter housing gasket D37M-1407548-A1 1 piece
Rack gasket D37A-1405097-A 1 pc.
Muffler gasket D42-125170 1 piece
Oil pump receiver cover gasket D37M-1402218 1 pc.
Oil pump tube flange gasket (top) D37M-1408721 2 pcs
Oil sump gasket D30-1401111 1 piece
Hydraulic pump drive gasket D30-4618053-A 1 pc.
Oil filler neck gasket D37M-1401272 1 piece
Copper cylinder gasket D37-1002023 4 pcs
Flange gasket D37M-1408480 1 piece
Hydraulic pump gasket T28-4610028 1 pc.
Exhaust pipe gasket M2-1201031 1 pc.
Hour meter housing gasket D30-3818018B 1 pc.
Oil filter switch gasket D37A-1407254 1 pc.

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